Seljord Apartment

Important information for guests staying at Seljord Apartment, read point 1-3 below.

These apartments are located at Tømmeråsveien 7-23, 3840 Seljord, not at Hegna Camping. 

The apartments are rented out by Utleieboliger Seljord DA in collaboration with Hegna Camping DA. 

  1. Check-in: At Seljord Apartment everything is ready for you to move in and enjoy your stay. You do not need to think about anything regarding check-in, other than it starts from 2 pm
  2. Accessing the apartment: In the booking-confirmation text-message you recieved you will find code for the keybox safe. The keybox safe is located on the side of the main door to the apartment. During your stay you will bring your key with you, don't leave it in the keybox safe. 
  3. Check-out: When your stay has come to an end you can just lock the door, leave the key in the keybox safe and be on your way. Check-out is before 12 am. 

The following rules of conduct applies for recidents at Seljord Apartment. 


Customer service
Phone number: +47 93951111