Rules and conditions at the campsite

Applies to all guests at Hegna Camping 

Last updated  4th of July 2023

Part of the charm of a camping holiday is that many people with different habits live in a limited area. But it also means that a few, simple rules must apply, so that you avoid that some guests are a nuisance to others. 

Follow these rules, so that both you and the other guests have an equally pleasant stay:

  • Guests report their arrival to the person in charge and state their name, permanent home address, and show identification (registration).

  • You must pay the current prices for your stay. The unit cannot be used beyond its intended capacity or what has been agreed with the lessor, without an additional fee

  • There are no restrictions on the number of overnight stays if the unit is used for leisure and holidays. The landlord can charge an additional fee if the landlord believes that the use exceeds what is required for the tenancy, the same applies if the unit is used as "housing" for a shorter or longer time. This also applies to the fixed electricity charge. Use affected by this point must in each individual case be agreed in advance with Hegna Camping DA.

  • The staff are responsible for peace and order and are available should problems arise. The guest must comply with the operator's instructions and is obliged to familiarize himself with the regulations relating to fire protection, gas, and any other regulations.

  • To increase fire safety, there should be a good distance, at least three meters, between caravans, mobile homes, tents, and other flammable material. The car can park within these three meters. This also applies to other installations, such as terraces, nail tents and the like, which are covered by the provisions of the Planning and Building Act.

  • When fire alarms in caravans/additional installations beep without the owner being present, the staff at Hegna Camping can take the necessary measures at the owners' expense and risk to stop the alarm.

  • It is not permitted without agreement to set up your own facilities in addition to tents and caravans, e.g., fence, platform, and the like without permission from the site manager. Digging in the ground must not take place. Only camping equipment of normal type and size is used unless otherwise agreed.

  • Guests must ensure that the power connection from the contact by fuse to the cart is made with approved equipment and that it is installed so that it cannot be damaged, as well as ongoing supervision. All equipment from contact to fuse is/is used at the user's expense and risk, and Hegna Camping cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage to or because of this equipment in any way. Cables etc. must be installed/marked so that they cannot be damaged in the daily operation of the campsite.

  • Charging of electric cars, bicycles etc. is not permitted. without prior approval of the operator.

  • Show consideration for other guests and the campsite's neighbors.

  • In the allocated space, the guest must ensure good order and cleanliness.

  • Personal washing, laundry, dishwashing, rinsing and carwashing must only take place in designated places and never near sources of drinking water.

  • Communal facilities, i.e., toilets, sinks, kitchens etc., must be left clean and tidy.

  • Driving is only permitted between the driveway and your own allocated space and should be limited to what is necessary. All driving must take place at walking speed.

  • Waste is placed in the waste bins and sorted at source according to the applicable rules. Waste such as residual waste, cardboard and plastic must generally be kept to a minimum, and amounts exceeding the minimum so contact the service and this can be deposited for an additional payment in each individual case.

  • Radio, TV, musical instruments etc., are used with care and consideration. This means low volume during the day and absolute silence between 23.00 and at 07.00.

  • Dogs are kept on a leash and must not be a nuisance to others. Always make sure to have a plastic bag with you when walking your dog.

  • Ball games near the camping units are not permitted but must take place in a designated area.

  • It is forbidden to play and play that can be embarrassing or dangerous for others.

  • The campsite owner or staff cannot assume responsibility for the guests' belongings. Damage that is done on the site must be paid for by the person causing the damage.

  • Sales on the site are only permitted with the owner's consent.

  • Guests who act drunk, show indecency, or disturb peace and order must be shown away, if necessary, with the help of the police. The same applies to guests who defecate outside the installed toilets or otherwise contaminate the space.

  • The use of any kind of weapon and fireworks is prohibited.

  • There must be nocturnes between 23.00 and at 07.00.

  • On departure, the area used must be left clean and tidy. Unless otherwise agreed with the campsite owner or his staff, departure is at 12.00 out of consideration for newly arrived guests. You should inform staff at the campsite of your departure time, especially when the campsite is busy.

  • The campsite has camera surveillance