1. Check-in happens after 2 pm.
  2. When you arrive at Hegna Camping, approach this door (see picture) and call this number: +47 93951111. You will be assisted by customer service on the phone. During the summer, customer service will sometimes be physically present as well. 
  3. If you have booked a cabin, you will have recieved a text-message with the code for a keybox safe. The keybox safe is by the side of the main door to the cabin. During your stay you will bring the key with you, don't leave it in the keybox safe. 
  4. If you need access to the service building (WC and shower) talk to customer service, they will issue a access-card for you. 
  5. With the access-card you are also able to start the showers. We will fill your access-card with the amount of money you choose. One 4-minute shower costs 20 NOK. 
  6. Paying for shower usage is done in the guest app. If you want to top of your shower balance, call customer service at: +47 9395111
  7. We recomend that you pay for your booking with the guest app, this way you will have an overview of all expences in one place. 
  8. If you have payed for your stay and shower use in the app at the time of your departure, you can return the access-card where you got it and be on your way. 
  9. Access to WiFi can also be found in the guest app.